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Just don’t forget to live

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Memento mori is the Latin phrase for “remember that you must die”

A rather grim reminder to get off your ass and change your life.

Stop being afraid and do it anyway…

But is this enough?

Living for today, you don’t think about tomorrow. Tomorrow is crucial.

Tomorrow turns into next week…

Next week into next year…



Always be happy…Never be satisfied

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Always appreciate all you have…Never accept you can’t achieve

Always wake up thankful for life…Never believe the life you live is the best you’re capable of

Always say I love you…Never stop working for those words to be returned

Always be grateful for your health…Never stop your pursuit for better



Access it in 3 simple steps

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Inside you lies a hormone when released accelerates motivation, drive, and pursuit.

And it’s stupid simple to access.

This hormone?


Often people mistakenly believe dopamine as the pleasure and reward hormone. Yet dopamine is the hormone that drives the pursuit of pleasure and reward.

Think of it this way…

You want a chocolate bar…



Join me for a quick walk…

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Your subconscious brain is your super weapon and sleep is where the magic happens.

Everything you read…

Everything you learn…

Everything you’re influenced by…

…all develop in your subconscious while you sleep.

The subconscious is a truly magical and relatively unknown territory.

This is why you should be careful of…



Keir Spoon

Keir Spoon

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